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About Us

Huntingdon Iron Works is a family owned and operated business. Huntingdon Iron Works is the vision of Barry Slusser. Born and raised in the mountains of central PA Barry developed a passion for working with iron at an early age.


One of the most profound quotes he has lived by was from Louis Kahn, an American architect from Philadelphia, PA who said "Even a brick wants to be something". That quote has inspired Barry, as it should us all to be part of something bigger than yourself whether it's a marriage, faith, family or career we should all want to be something better. Look at an old worn out horseshoe and see a bench, or a broken strand of barbwire fence in need of repair, or a wreath or a plain piece of iron bar forged into a rose and think they all want to be something.

All of our artwork, home decor, gates, fences and handrails are 100% domestic steel and aluminum forged right here in Huntingdon PA.


Our work is designed to inspire the soul to start a conversation with your family and friends and bring life to your home or office.  Our combined years of experience in the metal industry guarantee quality products that will last a lifetime.  Our store in Huntingdon (coming soon) is full of items to choose from but we encourage you to submit your own ideas for custom artwork.

Meet Our Iron Master

Mike Zapsky was born and raised in the mountains of Central PA into a family of artists. His father Eugene is a pioneer in the field of epoxy resin casting. Growing up in a unique resin shop, Mike began learning the craft at very early age. In 2000, he moved to New York and attended The Pratt Institute where he graduated in 2006 with a B.F.A. concentrating on metal sculpture. After graduation, he moved back to PA where he would spend the next ten years creating a diverse array of sculptures, jewelry, lighting, and design projects, selling them across the East Coast. In 2018, Mike joined the Huntingdon Iron Works team to evolve his passion for metal work and to further fulfill the desire to fuse his two favorite mediums together.

Contact us if you would like to schedule an appointment with the artist to discuss a custom project.

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